Jacob King
Software Engineer

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Full-Stack Software Engineer - Specializing in Mobile
I am a full-stack software engineer based in Andover, Hampshire specializing in mobile technologies, primarily Android & iOS. I have extensive experience working in Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin & Java with a high level of proficiency in all, having worked in the industry for nearly six years now.

Over these years, I've been privileged to work with industry-leading teams across a wide range of sectors, utilising different aspects of the mobile stack and beyond as I went. As a result of this, I consider myself a highly rounded developer who is quick to apply his knowledge to new and known challenges, doing so with great enthusiasm.

I currently work, primarily, as one of the Mobile Team Leads for digi.me, a intuitive start-up that strives to give people back control of their data. In addition, I also head up works undertaken by Sakurasoft, my freelancing company.

As expected, I am also a keen coder outside of work, seeking out opportunities to automate various things in life with code. I have a huge passion for teaching and jump at any chance to share the passion for code with young people especially. In my spare time I of course enjoy coding, but am also a keen gamer, tinkerer, cook, reader, writer & オタク.

I am always open to hearing about the possible next step in my career, so if you have a position that might interest me, please do get in contact!

My Work

Industry leading mobile parking solution in the UK, processing over 60,000 transactions a day.
Screwfix Quickshop
A list based shopping application developed for an industry leading tool retailer.
digi.me empowers users to take back control of their data, choosing what to share and with whom.
A new approach to printing your photos, Popsa uses machine learning to create a tailored subscription to your memories.
Flight Checklist
Developed for Pilots on behalf of Rolls-Royce, flight checklist is a iPad app that gives pilots the ability to fully understand every aspect of the aircraft, on demand.
IBA Members’ Directory
Developed for the accredited International Bar Association, Members’ Directory delivers directory style listings of fellow members on demand and effectively.
Modern social network app with a location based twist. Share photos with the world and see what’s trending around you.
Revolutionary new app to aid violin students in learning their craft, with dozens of video tutorials and guides.
Hugely popular mobile parking payment app in The Netherlands.
The lovechild of Parkmobile and BMW, ParkNow is the new mobile parking solution that goes further than just a mobile app, and fully integrates into the car’s internal computer.

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